Meet “Mira”

Meet Mirabai aka: “Mira”

Arabian / Paint Mare


Mira Close and Personal Mirabai Arabian/Paint Rescue Horse

Please take a moment to VOTE FOR MIRA! As many of you know Kelly has been diligently and whole heartedly working to rehabilitate her traumatized Arabian/Paint mare for about 2 years now. While they are deeply bonded their progress has been slow. Mira’s past experiences have left her very afraid of people with layers of PTSD that have been hard for Kelly to help her through. She is such a special horse and we want her to live the happy life she now has available to her and be free of her deep fear of humans. Mira has an opportunity to accompany Kelly to a 5 day intensive workshop with a phenomenal and compassionate horse trainer who has gained fame for her gentle methods of training wild mustangs. This is a chance of a lifetime! We are calling out to all of you to please place a VOTE FOR MIRA which will decide which horse will be selected.