COVID-19 Statement

Proactive and preventative measures
for COVID-19 situation from MIVC

Dear MIVC Families,

We are still open and here to support you and the health of your beloved fur kiddos in every way possible!

The situation with our business practices is changing day by day. At this point, Dr. Kelly is still seeing patients, but has increased the PPE measures, thorough cleaning measures are in place between visits and will be structuring things as follows: 1) We are encouraging all human members of the family to stay outside the building if possible (hard with very nervous animals or on snowy and cold days which will be exceptions to this and families are fine to come inside) 2) Dr. K will be wearing a mask when in close proximity to all human clients to safeguard everyone's heath. Given that masks make some animal patients very nervous, she will get settled with patients first and do her initial exam etc...while human family members stay 6+ feet distance away and then she will put the mask on and everyone can then move closer in and settle for the remainder of the treatment. Vigilant cleaning/disinfecting of hands, all surfaces and bedding will continue as well. Please bring your own mask if you need/want to be with your pet for the visit. We currently only have masks for Dr Keeney remaining on hand.

Dr. Keeney has suspended home visits, but is currently continuing to treat patients at her mountain clinic location and virtual appointments are available via Zoom. During this difficult time we are offering 15 minute check-in phone/virtual consults (for established families/patients only) for $35. These 15 minute consults are also best suited for any and all questions regarding symptoms noticed (new, continued or recurring) since your pet’s last appointment and herbal formula / prescription medicine concerns / questions, anything other than updates (previously submitted via email).

We continue to request that anyone feeling ill in any way, having traveled in the last 2 weeks or with known exposure to COVID reschedule their visit for at least 2 weeks out or consider a phone consult of appropriate length. Dr. Kelly will continue to refrain from hugging the humans in the family until this virus craziness has settled. Foot bumps and deep respectful bows will have to suffice.

For any refills that are needed outside of a clinic visit, we are happy to announce our online pharmacy accessed via our website through the ONLINE PHARMACY menu link (above). This service is available to current patients only for prescribed items by Dr Keeney and you will need to first request an account via a quick online fillable form at the aforementioned link. All orders placed during this time will be available for shipping via USPS and fulfillment at your next appointment (clinic or in-home). No pick-ups at PCs Pantry. If there is an item not visible in the store that you need for your pet please email us at and provide the name of the item so we may look into it and add it to your cart for you, so you may complete your order. This new and exciting feature will be a learning experience for all of us so please bear with us as we learn and work through the kinks.

With so much uncertainty in the air right now and all of us being bombarded with information, it can be hard to find a place of grounding and clarity. Focusing on maintaining a routine for your pets including fresh, unprocessed foods as possible, daily exercise and time in nature and immune support (specific strategies could be discussed in person or via phone/virtual consult). Most importantly, maintaining a focus on love and gratitude seems the best way to structure our efforts in supporting continued health and wellness in ourselves and our loved ones right now. There seems to be some question as to whether dogs and cats can contract COVID-19. The answer is NO. Dogs and cats can be infected by other strains of coronavirus but they are not the COVID-19 that is currently infecting humans.

The health and safety of our clients, patients, and staff continues to be our top priority. We are closely monitoring the guidance of the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, and local authorities regarding the spread of the virus to ensure that the actions that we are taking are comprehensive and appropriate.

We send you all much love, wishes for continued health and wellness and our heartfelt support during this time of uncertainty and intensity in our world and community.

Please reach out with any questions.

Dr. Kelly, Sarah and Eric
(Team Mandala )

P.S. For those of you with questions about how COVID-19 can affect pets here is a link to a nice article summarizing what we currently know and don't know about this situation.