Dr Kelly Keeney cared for our beloved Sparky Dog during his last months with us. Her loving presence and care will never be forgotten. We thank her from the bottom of our hearts,; we are very grateful for her compassionate care. She is a very special person.

Safia R. (Boulder, CO)

Dr. Keeney is one of the most compassionate and caring people I have met. She is truly interested in the overall well-being of her patients. She is so gentle and kind to my elderly dog Taylor. It is because of her that Taylor is still with us. I am so grateful to have met Dr. Keeney and to have her as a trusted partner in my dog’s care.

Laura D. (Westminster, CO)

Dr. Keeney is amazing! She provides excellent care at each and every visit, plus after hours. She saved our chocolate lab, Cali’s life. Thanks Doc!

Annie & Michael Y. (Ft. Collins, CO)

We have 3 dogs and 3 horses. Our oldest Golden Retriever, Sadie, just turned 14 years old. We were lucky to find Dr. Keeney and believe that she has extended the quality of Sadie’s life. We feel very grateful.

Debra J. (Nederland, CO)

I met Dr.Keeney two years ago when my dog Bean’s blood test revealed the beginnings of kidney failure. From the”western” point of view the prognosis and the treatment weren’t very promising and we thought we would lose our beloved dog in a few months. Dr.Keeney suggested a special diet, Chinese herbs and acupuncture. Within 3 months Bean’s blood tests improved and she continues to be well at fourteen years old. We attribute this to the exceptional care and personal attention that Dr.Keeney has provided. Bean’s acupuncture sessions (with unlimited treats) are without the stress of going to the conventional vet clinic. Dr.Keeney possesses an invaluable depth of knowledge, she is compassionate and professional and I would never hesitate to recommend her.

Beata G. (Boulder, CO)   

Kelly has been amazing with our animals! She has demonstrated exemplary care and concern with our elderly dog, Remy. She is knowledgable and takes the time to research options. We don’t know what we would have done without her with his medical problems. Thank you Kelly!

Maureen R. (Boulder, CO)

Kelly has been amazing with my two elderly cats. She is compassionate, thorough and understanding. I finally had to put both cats down and I would have no one else with me in that process of letting a beloved pet go. Dr. Kelly was so knowledgable, tender with my feelings, and understanding of the depth of our connection to our little ones. She was patient and supportive in this process of letting them go. There are other vets who will come to your house to help your beloved little one transition. I would only have Dr. Kelly.

-Hope R. (Boulder, CO)


Dr. Keeney was an integral part of my Great Dane’s care team and became more and more important as he aged. Pride loved going to see her, beamed with happiness in her presence and moved so much better after acupuncture treatments (later complemented by herbs). Her space is tranquil and special. I believe she prolonged Pride’s life and I know she always lifted his spirits. Her compassionate treatment was a unique experience for which I am very appreciative. 

-Toni W (Boulder, CO)


I thought putting my dog down would be the most horrendous thing possible, but Dr. Keeney brought sacredness and joy to this life changing event…. I will never, EVER forget Dr. Keeney’s genuine compassionate heart. 

Jacqueline F (Boulder, CO)