Kelly Keeney, DVM, CVA, GDVWHM, CVCHM,
Certified in Animal Chiropractic (IVCA)

Integrative and holistic veterinary medicine

What to Expect / Dr. Keeney’s Practice Philosophy:

In the 15+ years I have been a veterinarian, I have maintained my reverence for and belief in the body’s ability to heal itself fundamentally. I highly value the integration of conventional and holistic care modalities. As the years have gone by and my depth of training and knowledge has increased, I have come to follow my deepest passion in specializing in the more gentle, supportive and body focused healing modalities (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Laser therapy, Food therapy, and Chiropractic care).

There are many highly skilled and high quality conventional/allopathic veterinarians/clinic options in our area and I am grateful to be able to defer to them for my patient’s broader and general practice needs. This shift in my scope of care has allowed me to focus on offering a deeper level of the healing modalities that I am most skilled in and have a deep connection with. I am able to be a collaborator in the care of all my patients ensuring that the more integrative and holistic aspects of the care plan appropriate to the individual are included in the whole.

My practice is focused on individualized care at its deepest roots. Visits are slow paced and gentle. Each visit will include a physical evaluation with both a Western medical and Traditional Chinese Medical focus. Each individual’s unique constitution, findings on body scanning, diagnostic acupuncture, posture / gait analysis etc… will also inform which modalities and treatments will be most appropriate for the individual patient at that visit. Some patients will receive all of the treatments and some may only have one or two included in any particular visit. Needle averse patients, for example, may do better with laser-puncture (using a laser with attached acupuncture probe at acupuncture points vs needles). I also utilize herbal medicines, both Western Herbs and Traditional Chinese Medical formulas, to further assist in the healing process for patients. Most of my patients take herbal medicines quite well and they are a very effective adjunct to the treatment plan and incredibly helpful in addressing the deeper issues on a daily basis.